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Fostering Innovative Mindsets is a Course

Fostering Innovative Mindsets

1 credit

$195 Enroll

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Whether it is a new idea, a new way of doing something, or a new way of thinking, being innovative is about creating a new path.  Students that develop an innovative mindset tend to be more curious, reflective, open-minded, alert, empathetic, and resilient. “Students need to understand the value of innovative thinking and skills as they prepare for careers in a rapidly changing, uncertain world.  Innovation is an integral element across all disciplines.  At times, students do not see the connection of their disciplinary studies with the value of innovative thinking as an important part of success in their academic pursuits, and as a highly sought asset by employers.” (Sutton, 2017)  This workshop will give educators the opportunity to learn and practice infusion of innovation into the existing curriculum.
Dr. Susan Finelli-Genovese
Professor of Education, Baldwin Wallace University
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